Mobilize all sectors of society to give our service members and their families the opportunities and support they have earned.


To build bridges between both public, private, and not for profit organizations at the local, county, state, and federal levels; for all our veterans, and their families by rebuilding, educating, and equipping all veterans to reintegrate back into society and to bring awareness and a call to action to all communities of the challenges of our veterans and their families.

Goals & Objectives
  1. To make the Veteran and their families aware of the existence of the VCNCT.
  2. Identify and establish strategic partners
    1. Local, State, National, 501c3
  3. Create a sustainable organization
  4. Fund raise
  5. Strategic Outreach
  6. Veteran Resources
    1. Compile veteran resources
Plan of Action
  1. Identify gaps in services and resources.
  2. Compare identified services to identified need.
  3. Develop programs to meet the identified need.
  4. Become a “Gap Filler” by connecting all veterans to needed resources.
More About the Coalition

Our organization has been governed by a Board of Directors that has had over 188 years of collective direct and indirect military service. Our board chairman voluntarily serves as the CEO of the organization. She comes from the University System where she implemented Health and Wellness Coalitions, Tobacco Cessations programs, and worked with several million in grant funding. She is also the daughter of a WWII Veteran. The chairman also organizes and coordinates all monthly coalition meetings. Under the Board and Chairman, the VCNCT functions with committee chairs and vice chairs. The final layers are the Veteran Service Organizations (members), community partners, and supporters.

We are organized using a combined approach of governance, Adaptive Leadership. The VCNCT was formed based on identified and reported needs of Veterans, their families, and Veteran services organizations while to eliminating the “red tape” of other like programs and services in the community. While the Coalition has successfully offered programs and services on a 100% volunteer basis for three and a half years, the demand for our assistance and leadership among our peers has pushed the Coalition and its volunteers to capacity. In order to effectively and consistently continue to provide effective and relevant resource to Veterans, their families, and Veteran Service Organizations, and staff additional funding is now necessary.  Upon receipt of funding, from multiple sources, we will hire full-time and part-time staff to continue and expand services thought out the Region, State, and as a National model. The board, our current sponsors, and community partners support this request 100% and are committed to being the leaders in Veterans services.