What is the VCNCT?

The VCNCT is non-profit organization that galvanizes community resources for military personnel.

Who are the organizations that conform the coalition?

The Coalition is made up of 70+ organizations, ranging from the Federal Government to local agencies.

What is the VCNCT trying to accomplish?

Our goal is to become a state, national, and international organization that fills the gap in services, resources, and collaboration amongst Veterans, their families, and VSO’s.

Who manages/leads the VCNCT?

The VCNCT is led by the members, 70+prgs, and board of 9 directors. The day-to-day functions are led by the Chair of the Coalition, Nekima Booker.

How does the VCNCT cooperate, collaborate, and Coordinate with other local, state, and federal public and private entities?

The VCNCT has a comprehensive wing span! Because of our organizational structure, we are able to partner with any organization that has any Veteran outreach program. We participate in local events and programs, develop and establish working groups/committees, and we educate the Veteran, their families, VSO’s, and the community of Veteran issues.

How does the latter benefit the Veterans and military family?

This benefits the Veterans and their families by equipping them with knowledge, resources, and community connections they need to properly and successfully transition and reintegrate back into society. It also gives them the opportunity to remain in contact with their fellow comrades and give back to those that were in or is in similar situations.

Who funds the VCNCT?

The VCNCT is funded by various partners, grants, and community funders.

Why should other organizations should join efforts with the VCNCT?

Organizations join the VCNCT because “many working hands make a light load”! Current members joined and have remained in the Coalition because of the large networking opportunities, the program support from colleagues, the focus on the vision and mission.