Our mission is to assist Veterans and their families in establishing temporary to permanent housing, while providing education and resources for growth and stability.

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To assist Veterans with education resources, training, & development with higher education, certification, and work experience. Offering step-by-step guidance, referrals, and supportive services. Our goal is to ensure the Veteran is fully prepared to re-enter society.

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To assist Veterans and their families in reintegrating back into the work force. Through the Mentors-In-Arms program we provide mentoring and coaching with entrepreneurship and career development.

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Mental Health

To provide assistance to Veterans dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), & Military Sexual Trauma (MST). We assist with free and confidential counseling services in NC Texas and the Ft. Hood/Killeen area.  We cover mental, physical, and spiritual health and healing.

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Financial Education

To assist Veterans and their families in obtaining financial awareness, stability, and security.

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Faith Based

Our Mission is to assist Faith Based Entities by aiding them with Veteran Ministry formation if needed. We will provide them with technical assistance, education and training, benefits assistance, support groups, and outreach for veterans and their families.