Veterans Career Development Program 

These are No-Cost workshops designed to help the veteran and spouses of veteran’s that are transitioning from the military to civilian careers, or who are currently employed. It is also for veterans that have a desire to move up the ladder in their current career.   



Interest, Strengths, and Needs Assessments

Work through your interest and strengths and determine what your needs are.  These are what you will work on with the VCNCT and a mentor.


Resume Development

Understand the basic of resume development and writing; learn the different formats and how to edit your resume. 


Interview Skills 

Create your summary/elevator speech. Develop and practices a 2-minute pitch/branding statement: learn the most common asked questions & how to answer them; create a great first impression; what to wear to the big interview.


Research and More Research

You will learn how to research the jobs that you want; how to research the companies that you want to work with and possible alternative job opportunities; like to research like a pro beyond jobs to identify corporate culture and other important information.


The Power of Networking

Learn how to network; the power of social media and networking; where to network; and what to say when networking.


Financial Education/Education for Success

Learn the basics of financial planning; how to budget during your job search; how to maintain a budget.  Information sessions on setting up a strategic investment plan and maintain investments.


To take advantage of these educational workshops please contact Duane Davis, 469-547-2260/[email protected]